GO Collaborative!

Who is GO Collaborative?

We are an “organic start up” of professionals with outstanding credentials in independent fields that have formed a “think tank” for the good of Stroudsburg, and its residents, primarily working with the business and art sectors.

Why A Think Tank?

We have discovered that many people think alike but choose not to participate unless it is advantageous for themselves (and not the whole community). In other words, it is highly beneficial for a community to be proud, especially a community with so much history for its inhabitants to work together for our children and their future.

Why Stroudsburg, PA

Like any other city, Stroudsburg has had its ups and downs we believe that if we work with all political parties, Houses of Worship, Residences and merchants in an attempt to help Stroudsburg’s future, it means that neighboring towns may catch on, the county will follow and the whole Pocono region will step up. Remember, everything has to start somewhere. We are proud to be part of Stroudsburg and its community.

Who Benefits?

Residents, Merchants, Eateries, Art Galleries, Houses of Worship, Tourists, Realtors, future businesses and financial institutions and of course pride in the community of Stroudsburg.

Remember: Statistics clearly show – more people/less crime – more outdoor activities / less hypertension.

Eating and Shopping in our downtown area is where the visitors want to go, and when they’re finished dining, they look to shop, be entertained, and soak up the atmosphere before they go back to their weekend / weekday room.
This alone increases merchants’ sales by 65 to 70%.

Why Artistic Snowmen?

Throughout America, cities develop themes based on heritage and location. Some towns depict Moose (Bennington, VT), cows, horses, trout, bulls, ponies, mermaids, and even seagulls. Have been created and artistically enhanced.

To enhance the Snowmen, we have reached out to many of the regional artists and creative thinkers with their diversified outlooks for our future.
GO Collaborative studied what the area has to offer which includes the arts, outdoor recreation, and…beautifully quiet winters!

This attraction is family friendly, pandemic safe and –who doesn’t like snowmen?